Apple is in a rush to hire a business development manager with cryptocurrency industry experience to guide its “alternative payments” partnership plan.

In a job posting posted Wednesday, Apple said candidates should be at least five years old “working in or with alternative payment service providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL [buy now, pay later], fast payments, cryptocurrency, etc. . “

The Cupertino tech titan said the director would be Apple’s chief negotiator for the alternative payments space.

“The Apple Wallets, Payments and Commerce (WPC) team is looking for an expert business development director to lead alternative payment partnerships,” the company announced.

Apple has long kept total control over overpayments, especially in its App Store, which has never allowed customer encryption and requires all apps in the catalogue to use Apple’s business guides and abide by the rules.

This tightly controlled ecosystem is at the heart of a successful legal battle launched by developer Fortnite Epic Games. Epic claims Apple’s rules infringe antitrust laws and choke payment variation. Epic said in the lawsuit; app developers could accept “bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies” except for Apple’s restrictions.

Apple has not made public comments about its plans for the crypto space. The company did not quickly respond to proposals from CoinDesk.

Despite so, the pockets of crypto space appear to be in confusion for Apple. Coinbase introduced Apple Pay charts in a new app update, according to MacRumors.

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