A Boeing in his name and a 5,000 m² villa: once upon a time, Drake was the most blinged-out rapper in the world, so how much is drake worth?

At 34, Drake is one of the five richest rappers in the world, according to Forbes. He does not hesitate to spend a fortune estimated at more than 150 million dollars in pure bling.

How much is drake worth?

Since 2017, Drake has been among the five richest rappers, according to Forbes magazine. With a capital that has been estimated at more than 150 million dollars, Drake is in the 5th position behind Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, P. Diddy, and Kanye West. A fortune to fulfill a single objective: to please himself, as visibly as possible.

Drizzy first invested in real estate. In 2019, he built a mansion of 4,700 m² on the outskirts of Toronto. The estimated value of the property: 98.5 million dollars. An impressive mansion nicknamed “the Embassy,” with a ceiling height of 13 meters housing a covered basketball court, regulation size of the NBA. The rapper also bought a luxurious property of 3,800 m² in the Bel-Air district of Los Angeles. This dream villa has 8 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 2 swimming pools, an indoor basketball court, a movie theater, 6 bars, almost as many kitchens, and a huge garage.

James Bond’s car, a Boeing 767, and a diamond iPhone shell

But what to do with a garage when it’s empty? Fill it with cars, of course. Drake’s fleet, estimated at 7.7 million dollars, comprises a dozen models, including the Rolls-Royce Phantom, James Bond’s car in Goldfinger. The latter alone cost nearly 691,000 dollars.

To complete his collection, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend was pleased with an essential: a Boeing 767, decorated with the inscription “Air Drake” on the engines and with this sentence, “If you’re reading this we left” (“Si vous lisez ceci nous avons décollé,” in French). Ideal for long trips.

If he sees things in big, the interpreter of Hotline Bling sometimes allows himself smaller objects (but not necessarily less expensive). To celebrate his 33rd birthday, the singer melted for a diamond ring of 22 carats, worth over 530,000 dollars. In 2019, to celebrate his ten years of musical career, he had invested in an iPhone X shell made of diamonds and 80-carat white gold. The accessory had cost him 350,000 dollars. Diamonds are also the best friends of man, to hijack the famous words of Marilyn Monroe.

Gifts for everyone in Miami

For Drake, spending lavishly also rhymes with generosity. In February 2018, following the release of the video for God’s Plan, the rapper decided to spend the budget of his record company on gifts for the people of Miami. He then paid a university year to a fan worth 50,000 dollars, donated 30,000 dollars to a school in Miami, or paid for the shopping of all supermarket customers.

Touched by the poor living conditions of the chambermaids in Miami’s luxury hotels, Drizzy also decided to help Odelie Paret, a 63-year-old employee of the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. After offering her a spa session and a meal at the hotel’s restaurant, the rapper left her with an unlimited budget to go shopping. A pair of shoes at 750 dollars, a Valentino bag at 2,000 dollars, four perfumes, or a white gold necklace decorated with diamonds at 7,000 dollars. Happy who, like Odelie, will cross the path of Drake.

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