The Duggar family has one certainty: their show wouldn’t be called Counting On if their offspring didn’t continue to grow. In September, Joseph became Duggar’s last child to marry, marrying his fiancee, Kendra Caldwell. A month later, Counting On fans began to speculate that the newlyweds were expecting their first child after the couple posted what some considered to be a suspicious photo taken on their Greek honeymoon. But little is known about Joseph Duggar’s new wife, other than the fact that she is at the center of pregnancy rumors.

A lot of fans wondering, how old is Kendra Duggar

So who is Kendra Duggar? Like her husband, the 22-year-old Arkansas native grew up with a strict religious upbringing.

According to InTouch Weekly, Kendra Duggar is one of seven children raised by Paul and Christina Caldwell in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her father, Paul, is a notable figure in their hometown. He is a pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church, where the Duggars regularly attend, and a former Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives. It also sparked controversy in 2014, when it distributed offensive leaflets that allegedly questioned not only God’s love for the LGBTQ community but also its real existence reported InTouch Weekly. (Caldwell told a local news agency at the time that the leaflets were “not meant to offend anyone.”)

However, some Counting On fans began to worry about Kendra Duggar’s well-being and freedom. According to many social media users, Joseph Duggar’s wife is said to be oppressed by the strict religious rules of her new family, The Stir, after the couple shared a video of their wedding on Duggar’s official Facebook page. But that’s unlikely to be the case, as Kendra also grew up in a religious household with very close Christian beliefs, similar to that of the Duggars, who are close friends of the Caldwells.

According to People, Kendra first met Joseph Duggar through her family’s church and began courting in March. The 23-year-old fifth-generation domestic pinball machine asked Kendra the question at her sister Joy-Anna’s wedding in June, telling People at the time,

The couple exchanged vows four months later, on September 8. According to the US magazine, their wedding took place in their home country of Arkansas and was celebrated by Kendra’s father, Pastor Paul Caldwell.

And there is no doubt, however, that the couple is in love. In an exclusive interview with People last month, Kendra said of her wedding:

Kendra Duggar is no stranger to the limelight either. According to InTouch Weekly, she regularly counts with her sister Lauren on her husband’s TLC show, Counting On. (Kendra’s other siblings are Micah, Nathan, Timothy, Olivia, and Jesiah.) Coming from a large family herself, led by a community figure, Kendra is expected to be part of the growing Duggar clan and their time spent in front of television cameras.

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