Stellar (XLM)

It is essential to distinguish between Stellar, DApp’s decentralized platform, and its cryptocurrency, the Lumen. Stellar is the tokenization blockchain. The project intends to help the transfer and exchange of popular assets through blockchain. Stocks, fiat currencies, or additional tools can be tokenized on Stellar and transmitted in the frame of Lumens, its original crypto.

Lumen, Why Should You Invest in this Encouraging Crypto Currency in 2021?

We can recognize the Lumen as the Ripple of people and SMEs, and Ripple is committed to institutions. Both cryptocurrencies were created for actual use cases. They both strive to facilitate cross-border payments. Stellar is one of the most vital projects in the business, making it into the best twenty cryptocurrency projects since its beginning.

Advantages of Stellar

Stellar has some apparent advantages if compared to Ripple.

Integrated exchange platform
    Alternative more accessible than Ripple
    Adopted by IBM
    It can rise distinctly when institutions adopt it like Ripple.

Disadvantages of Stellar

 Low media coverage in recent years
    Competition from Ripple.

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