After months of soaring prices due to cryptocurrency mining, but also to a trickle-down production, the RTX 3000 could gradually return to more reasonable prices… we explain why.

Is the hardest part behind us? Several indicators suggest that Nvidia’s graphics card shortages may be easing in part, as the firm plans to ramp up production of the RTX 3060 in July, while (finally) putting aside its RTX 2000s to focus its efforts on its next generation – and make room on its production lines. Both of these pieces of good news come on the sidelines of strong measures taken against cryptocurrency miners in several Chinese provinces.

As reported by the South Morning China Post, Sichuan (which had 90% of China’s mining capacity) called it quits a few days ago with an outright ban on virtual currency mining. Earlier in June, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang took similar measures to the point of driving down the price of graphics cards in China.


WCCFTech reports, for example, that the RTX 3060, whose average price was around $1,100 in May, has dropped back to around $700 on average in the space of a few weeks. The table below, provided by Tom’s Hardware US, gives a little more substance to this price drop, especially on the RTX 3060, which saw its price drop by 30 to 45% during June. We’re still well above Nvidia’s recommended retail price ($329 for the 3060 at launch), but this momentum is moving in the right direction: down.

graphic cards price

The fact remains that Nvidia will initially make a choice that may seem strange from a European perspective: to supply RTX 3060s to Internet cafes, which are very popular in Asia and partly responsible for the shortage. The firm seems to have the idea of devoting most of the available stocks to them in July before letting its production focus on retail afterwards.

In any case, if these indicators are confirmed and above all maintained, a return to normalcy can be expected within a few months on the GPU market. According to some predictions, we could be back to normal sales prices for the holidays – at least for certain references. But for now, it’s best to remain cautious.

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