If you are by nature stressed and often have aches and pains, Swedish massage to combat stress and aches is the best for you. The main virtues of this massage, which is one of the most widespread in the world, are indeed to evacuate stress and muscular tension and relieve aches and pains. Are you still skeptical? Find out everything you need to know about Swedish massage.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage belongs to the same family as Californian massage, Thai massage, Oriental massage and Shiatsu massage. It is a tonic massage based on wide movements, mainly performed on muscular areas, joints and tendons.

It is performed on a massage table using massage oils, creams or lotions and lasts approximately one hour. Swedish massage was originally designed for athletes to optimize their performance.

The Swedish Pehr Henrik Ling introduced it. It is now widely practiced in Europe and the United States.

The benefits of Swedish massage

Swedish massage provides both physical and psychological benefits. At the end of a massage session, you will feel relaxed, tone your body. This type of massage relieves nervous tension and causes your muscles to relax.

It relieves various aches and pains such as aches and pains and arthritis. It improves blood circulation and elimination of toxins. Swedish massage is also known to restore harmony to your body and stimulate self-healing.

It is, therefore, particularly indicated after an operation. In addition, like most massages, Swedish massage has a beneficial effect on the skin.

The movements of Swedish massage

Swedish massage to combat stress and aches
Swedish massage to combat stress and aches

Swedish massage is based on five main movements: percussion, effleurage, kneading, friction and kneading. Percussion is the basic massage movement.

Effleurage consists of slow and rhythmic movements towards the heart to bring the blood back to it. This movement is usually used at the beginning and end of the massage session.

Kneading is done with the fingers and the pulp of the thumbs. It allows for soothing the contracted muscles and for stimulating blood circulation. Friction is a movement that aims to heal the skin to relieve tense tissue.

Finally, kneading helps to relieve pain. For you to feel the benefits of a Swedish massage, the masseur will generally invite you to remain still for a few moments after the massage. You will then gradually feel the beneficial effects of the different movements.

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