The Basque coast has everything to make us dream, and Biarritz in particular. Here are the most beautiful places to see in Biarritz: surf spots, sandy beaches, historical places, and typical restaurants.

This summer, we are heading for the Basque coast. Our destination? Biarritz. To the rhythm of the waves, the seaside resort welcomes visitors looking for relaxation and gourmet addresses. As sporty as it is lively, the city of Biarritz is full of good places to go out and succumb to the Basque cuisine.

Whether you come to learn how to surf, chill on the mythical beach or taste all the local specialties, Biarritz is sure to please you.

The most beautiful landscapes of Biarritz

We like Biarritz because of its relaxed atmosphere, the beauty of its architecture, landscapes and its wild side. Among its most beautiful beaches, it is imperative to land on the big beach. Famous for its many bathers and surfers, its small colored tents and its long promenade, this beach is of incomparable beauty.

A little further on, the Atalaye plateau offers an exceptional view of the city of Biarritz, right on the ocean. This observation site is incredible to discover and visit. In the same style, the rock of the Virgin is a place not to be missed in Biarritz.

One takes advantage of his stay in Biarritz to discover the rest of the Basque Country by making an escapade in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Bayonne, etc.

Most beautiful places in Biarritz: the big beach

Most beautiful places in Biarritz the big beach
what to do in Biarritz

The large beach of Biarritz is the ideal place to relax, sunbathe, make sandcastles and admire the surfers in the water. It is also the perfect spot to start surfing and lessons to learn. With its small colored tents, it offers a magnificent panorama of the city. In the evening, we take advantage of the long walk which borders it to admire the sunset.

The lighthouse of Biarritz

The lighthouse of Biarritz

At the end of the Pointe Saint-Martin, the lighthouse of Biarritz dominates the city. It culminates at more than 73 meters above sea level and has 248 steps. All in white, it contrasts wonderfully with the blue of the sky and the ocean and offers a splendid view of the entire coast.

The Virgin’s rock in Biarritz

The Virgin's rock in Biarritz

The Virgin Rock is a symbolic place of Biarritz. Its visit makes us pass along a footbridge before landing on this famous rock, naturally shaped in the form of a boat hull. Later, in 1865, they dug a gallery inside to install a statue of the Virgin.

Most beautiful places in Biarritz : the Atalaye plateau

Biarritz the Atalaye plateau

In the Basque language, Atalaye means promontory. And this point of view bears its name well since this plateau offers a magnificent view of the great beach of Biarritz and its small fishing port. You can also find the sea museum there.

The fishing port of Biarritz

The fishing port of Biarritz

At the end of the seafront promenade, the small fishing port of Biarritz plunges us into an authentic and typical atmosphere. There are colorful houses, old fishing boats and beautiful terraces where you can enjoy a good plate of seafood with a glass of white wine.

Most beautiful places in Biarritz: the Ibardin pass

Most beautiful places in Biarritz the Ibardin pass
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Outside the city, the Ibardin pass is the ideal place for a real nature shot. This one-day hike allows you to admire the lake of Xoldokogaina, which culminates at a little more than 300 m of altitude. It starts from Biarritz and can be done by car or by mountain bike.

The Halles of Biarritz

The Halles
what to do in Biarritz

The Halles market is perhaps one of the most famous places in Biarritz. This covered market contains many stores, stalls, caterers and typical restaurants, perfect for tasting all the culinary specialties of the city. You can stop there at any time of the day to taste all the delicious dishes.

The aquarium of Biarritz to visit

The aquarium

The Biarritz aquarium is located in front of the Virgin rock and gathers an incalculable number of underwater inhabitants: fish of all kinds, sharks, turtles, octopuses, seals. All this little world lives in one community, for the greatest pleasure of the curious and the lovers of the marine fauna.

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