Android 12 still has some surprises in store for us if we believe some code changes on AOSP.

apps will be hibernated by Android 12
apps will be hibernated by Android 12

Android 12 development is in full swing at Google, and we can regularly discover new features in development by scanning the system’s source code. Who is precisely what the XDA-Developers site has done, discovering a new application hibernation feature planned for Android 12. The site was able to confirm its theories by analyzing the leaked build. Android 12 will hibernate all your unused apps to free up storage

FREEING UP SPACE INTELLIGENTLY – Apps will be hibernated by Android 12

With this new feature, Android 12 will disable the permissions of applications that have not been used for a long time and apply a hibernation mode. The latter will automatically delete all temporary files from the app and potentially free up quite a bit of storage space. When an app is in hibernation, it also stops sending you notifications.

For several years, Apple has offered a similar feature on iOS. Unused apps are automatically uninstalled from the system. Apple may be going a bit far with this feature, forcing the user to re-download and install the application in question. This saves even more storage space and resources, but it creates more friction for the user. Google obviously made a different choice.

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