Considered a cult in France but a religion in several countries, Scientology is gaining more and more followers, especially among celebrities. Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith… what celebrities are Scientologists?

What celebrities are Scientologists
What celebrities are Scientologists

Tom Cruise: a member of Scientology since the 1980s

Tom Cruise is a convinced Scientologist and has never hidden it: in the 80s, his first wife Mimi Rogers converted him to Scientology. He quickly became one of the pillars of the movement! After his divorce, he tried to convert his two new wives: Nicole Kidman in the 90s and Katie Holmes in the 2000s. If the two actresses had initially accepted to follow the precepts of Scientology, they moved away from it when Tom Cruise tried to enroll their children. Two attempts ended each time in a divorce.

John Travolta: a member of Scientology since the 90s

Between John Travolta and Scientology, it is a complicated story. If the actor has long been a vigorous defender of the movement – he will even go so far as to dedicate a film to the subject in 1996 – he has also tried several times to leave Scientology but always comes back. Several of his friends have also suspected the actor of being pressured.

Will Smith: he denies being a member of Scientology

Rumors that Will Smith and his family are members of Scientology are numerous but have been denied consistently. However, the actor has invested nearly $890,000 in the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California: a school teaching the precepts of Scientology. It is in this school that Suri Cruise is enrolled.

Johnny Depp: he attended meetings of Scientology for money!

Before becoming a movie superstar, Johnny Depp was a young man broke. His solution to make some pocket money? Attend meetings and conferences on Scientology, at the time paid $ 3 per session. The actor told Vanity Fair that he attended “a lot of meetings” to make money!

Jennifer Lopez: she divorced because of Scientology?

Is Jennifer Lopez Scientologist? The rumor began to swell following the announcement of her Marc Anthony. Their separation would be due to the refusal of the singer-producer to convert to Scientology! In addition, the children of Jennifer Lopez – whose godfather is none other than Tom Cruise! – would be schooled in a school teaching them the precepts of Scientology.

Scarlett Johansson: Tom Cruise wanted her to join Scientology

Before setting his sights on Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise tried to get several celebrities to join Scientology. Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, David, and Victoria Beckham. But especially Scarlett Johansson, who keeps an awful memory of it. In 2005, Tom Cruise had invited the young actress to praise the merits of Scientology. Who found herself in a meeting of the movement despite herself! Uncomfortable, she quickly left the place. This event could have pushed her to leave the casting of Mission Impossible 3, which she was supposed to share with Tom Cruise. Even if officially, the reason given was a schedule incompatibility!

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