Robert Downey Jr., Best known for portraying Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – wasn’t always the law-abiding, socially respectable man he is today.

While Robert Downey Jr has since passed his tumultuous adolescence and early adulthood – forcing himself into multiple drug addictions and poor decision-making skills – what sent Robert Dowey Jr to prison in 1999.

What did Robert Downey jr go to jail for

What did Robert Downey jr go to jail for violating probation in 1999

What sent Robert Downey Jr to jail for violating probation, but why was he on probation in the first place? In 1996, police found heroin, cocaine and a pistol in the actor’s car after being arrested for speeding, according to the BBC. Robert Downey Jr. was given a discharge for this conviction in 2015; nevertheless, the incident will persist on his permanent record.

Robert Downey Jr.’s stint in rehab

Robert Downey Jr. did return to drug rehab in the late 1990s. Surprisingly, Robert Downey Jr. later admitted he used drugs throughout the 1980s, but it didn’t interfere with his acting career, according to The Canyon. He then received several award nominations in the early 1990s for performances in Shortcuts and Chaplin.

That all changed for Robert Downey Jr when his drug addiction began to interfere with his business success and daily life. In the early 2000s, Robert Downey Jr lost many jobs due to his arrests, recognised drug addiction, and regular visits to rehab. While struggling in the early 2000s, RDJ managed to clean up in 2003. RDJ has been clean since then.

Robert Downey Jr.’s life changed for the better in 2008

Robert Downey jr oscar wining

In 2008, the first Iron Man hit theatres, and the film grossed over $ 102 million on its opening weekend. Robert Downey Jr., grateful for playing the part, had nowhere to go. If his career had still been successful, Robert Downey Jr might have denied the role, as the world of superheroes was not yet the huge commercial success it promises to be today.

Luckily for Robert Downey Jr, he would go on to star in two more Iron Man films and help launch one of the most successful movie franchises of the 21st century – The Avengers. Without RDJ, as well as the success Iron Man brought to Paramount and Marvel, we wouldn’t be anxious to anticipate Avengers: Endgame today.

Robert Downey Jr. is an inspiration and a role model. Like other artists who rose to stardom at a young age – he succumbed to drugs, alcohol and bad behaviour. Featured in box office blockbusters in his late twenties, the actor virtually disappeared from Hollywood until Iron Man’s It.

Today Robert Downey Jr has a successful career and appears to be a role model for a young Tom Holland. The man who once drove with cocaine in his car is long gone. And with Avengers: Endgame marking the end of its superhero franchise, fans are excited to see what Robert Downey Jr. has planned next. Many of us would love to see him take the director’s chair for a big movie.

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