What is Poe Crypto

Po.et (POE)
Name of the cryptocurrency: Po.et
Acronym: POE
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Creation date: August 2017

poe po.et crypto

Po.et has a current supply of 3,141,592,653. The last known price of Po.et is 0.00015215 USD and is up 7.60 in the previous 24 hours. It is currently trading on four active market(s) with $821.78 changed over the last 24 hours.

A universal register for intellectual property

Po.et Poe crypto is a universal ledger in the form of an open-source platform that works with the Bitcoin blockchain. The goal of Po.et is to trace the ownership of digital content by recording the metadata in the blockchain. The system, therefore, allows content creators and publishers to manage their intellectual property.

How Po.et Poe works

Po.et works as a bridge connecting creators, publishers and consumers. The network will generate timestamped and immutable titles for each of the creations. Then will store this data on the Po.et blockchain. The blockchain is completely secure and decentralized, so it helps to guarantee authenticity and trace each content’s ownership. Furthermore, Po.et utilizes persuasive cryptographic technologies to provide creators and publishers the tools to automate the whole licensing process without referring to a trusted third party. Users will choose pre-existing license agreements or define their criteria to automate payments and transfer/issue licenses.

The advantages of Po.et Poe

The network enables creators and publishers to communicate with each other through a decentralized open-source platform. Thus, creators can promote their work, and publishers can deal directly with them for licensing rights without going through an intermediary. In addition, formalizing the agreements in the blockchain makes it possible to avoid any error, any misunderstanding or any attempt at fraud.

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