which celebrity has worked at mcdonalds?

which celebrity has worked at mcdonalds?

A question that a lot of us would ask, when we hear of someone who worked for McDonald’s, is “Why did they have to quit?” While there is no one answer for this question, there are some clues that we can use to make our list of famous people who worked at McDonald’s. There is a list of celebrities who used to work at McDonald’s. The ones listed below can help you get a better idea about working there.

which celebrity has worked at mcdonalds

First on the list, is actor Michael Caine.

He has been in movies such as National treasure, among many others. He is also known for playing lovable creatures like the lovable Minnie Mouse character. He worked at the restaurant as an extra for much of his career. When he was cast in the movie series King of the Hill, he ended up having a great role in the film. It was also mentioned in the TV show by Caine that he would be watching every episode of the show, to see what happened to all the characters.

Second on the list of people who worked at McDonald’s, is a young teen star known as Evan Bayh. He is popular for his role as Shah in the movie American Idol. He also did voice-overs for video games. Evan Bayh went to work at this particular McDonald’s restaurant as a teenager. He grew up in Chicago, and his role there helped to launch him into stardom.

Another young star known to patronize this particular McDonald’s restaurant, is Demi Moore. She has been in movies such as Alice in Wonderland, as well as the television series The Firm. Demi Moore is a name that many people know, and she definitely enjoys eating at this restaurant. Her role on the television show allowed her to gain weight, and she has since worked to get back into shape.

A third famous actor to have worked at this particular restaurant is Jason Priestley.

Jason Priestley is best known for playing bad guys in movies such as National Treasure, Friday the 13th, and A Few Good Men. He also appeared in some episodes of The Sopranos. Since Jason Priestley is now known as a nice guy, he will most likely not gain entrance to all of the burgers at the restaurant. However, if you are a fan of Jason Priestley, chances are you will want to give this McDonald’s restaurant a try.

One more famous person to work at McDonald’s is America’s Next Top Model finalist, contestant, and wife to America’s first reality show judge, Ms. Olympia Page. While we can’t actually confirm that celebrity has worked at this restaurant, if we had to make a list of celebrities who might find this place interesting, we would include Ms. Page. She did share a room with Paris Hilton on one of her episodes of The Real World. So it is very possible that they worked at the restaurant at some point. If Paris Hilton does end up going on to do another reality show, then this place would be a very interesting location for them to work at.

There are many other actors and actresses who may not be as well known to anyone outside of Hollywood.

Some of these actors and actresses are: Who is John Turturro? Who is Brad Pitt? Who is Tom Cruise? There are countless more names that could be added to this list of famous people who have worked at McDonald’s. Therefore, this is a list of celebrities you may want to familiarize yourself with if you are looking to eat at this restaurant.

However, you must keep in mind that even though this may be a good place to eat, if you are famous, then you will never want to go into this McDonald’s to eat. It just wouldn’t make any sense. However, it is certainly an okay place to hang out at for a meal if you happen to be a fan of the same famous people that are listed above. You should do a little searching online to find out more about the various locations that this restaurant has locations in. It is sure to be worth your time.

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