If you have ever received a massage, either in a spa or at home, the massage therapist should have asked you to drink plenty of water. Water is important because it makes up about 60% of your body. There are several reasons why your massage therapist may advise you to drink plenty of water after a massage session.

Why do you need to drink water after a massage
Why do you need to drink water after a massage

Healthy muscle tissue

Healthy tissue is soft to the touch and allows blood to flow through the vessels. Unhealthy muscle tissue can cause you pain. It is firm, compact and limited in movement. Blood flow is restricted, and lymph flow is choked off to the tissue by narrowing the capillaries. When you don’t get adequate blood flow to an area, it can be inferred that there is an increase in metabolic waste with a decrease in oxygen levels and nutrient exchange in the body.

During the massage, therapists work to break up the congestion that has formed in unhealthy tissues. When the areas are opened, there is an increase in blood flow and the restoration of muscle tissue to its original form. During this process, metabolic waste products trapped in the tissues are released and flushed out through the lymphatic system. Nutrients and water are delivered to the tissues more quickly. This process will force the body to use water from your bloodstream, making you feel dehydrated or thirsty. Water is needed to increase the use of oxygen and nutrients for this exchange in the process.

Drinking water after a massage flushes out toxins

Lymphatic massage increases waste products such as sewage, carbon dioxide, salt and other minerals in the body. The lymphatic system (effective for sustaining your immune system) is a line of defense against pathogens. It partners with our immune system to serve as a center for eliminating body waste. There is an increased amount of metabolic waste processed and filtered by the kidneys, which use most of the water in the body. If you feel nauseous or have a headache, this indicates an increase in metabolic waste.

Drinking water after a massage will help reduce the symptoms or even prevent them from occurring. Deep tissue massage clears toxins from the muscles into the bloodstream. Without adequate water, the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and cannot do its job properly, leading to low immunity, soreness, pain, and fatigue. Drinking water after a massage helps you replenish water and nutrients in your body.

Drinking water is a better alternative than coffee, soda or alcohol because these drinks can cause you to lose more fluid than you gain. Although the reasons for recommending drinking water after massage may vary among therapists, they agree that drinking water after the massage session will benefit you.

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