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Although currently relatively expensive, Bitcoin remains a promising cryptocurrency in 2021 that may yet break new highs. This cryptocurrency, which over 50% controls the entire market, was started in 2009. Unlike the other platforms in our selection which are often development platforms, Bitcoin is essentially used for saving value, finance and fund transfer.

Why Invest in the Encouraging Bitcoin Crypto Currency in 2021?

Bitcoin has grown more common over the past three years, providing it legitimacy. It all began with retailers and companies that allowed BTC as a payment method, and now great organizations, like Microsoft, sponsor this cryptocurrency. Then, some governments constituted on BTC, in particular, Japan which authorized it.

Moreover, some Bitcoin holders have become wealthy, despite billionaires. Tim Draper, Matthew Roszak, the Winklevoss twins, and numerous others mentioned in Forbes magazine. Remember, though, that trading includes risks and does not ensure gains. But anything is possible, mainly thanks to promising forecasts for the future of Bitcoin overall. In addition, it is even starting to be viewed as a haven against inflation.
With widespread adoption by institutional investors, Bitcoin is likely to experience new highs, and some analysts’ forecasts of 1 million euros to 1 Bitcoin are therefore possible.

Advantages of Bitcoin

There are multiple motives why Bitcoin has grown so common these days.

Volatilization is comparatively low related to other altcoins, and prices have become more anticipated.
Significant liquidity which facilitates investment
It benefits from the network effect
Widely accepted as a payment method

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Notwithstanding its advantages, Bitcoin yet has a few flaws to raise.

More volatile than other investments such as stocks and ETFs
Irreversible transactions
what poorly regulated it despite large transaction volumes.

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